About Us


Strengthening women with the courage to release limiting self-belief patterns, societal norms and negative stances that have traditionally kept them suppressed and unable to captivate their true God-given beauty and power.


Pretty and Saved (P.S.) was established in 2012 by Dr. Danielle Penson. It was birthed from a place of low self-esteem. After years of self reflection, God gave her a vision of how to turn her pain into her purpose.  P.S. encompasses two pillars: Pretty and Saved Pieces (Apparel/Jewelry) and Pretty and Saved Empowerment (Inspirational Events). Our motto is...P.S. THERE IS ALWAYS MORE... No matter what you endure in life, always remember that there is always more!


To show the world the inner and outer beauty of women who love God.  We strive to establish a global marketing network for Christian Women to embody a holistic positive approach regarding self-esteem through therapeutic approaches, workshops, sisterly engagements and retail fashion.